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Project Description
Field of Judgement is an open source two-player 3D shooter game that uses Kinect-based interface.

Gameplay video

Features of this game
  • Fully functional two – players’ 3D shooter game.
  • Full body gesture based interface with GDL library and MS Kinect controller.
  • GDL recognize walking and running (forward and backward), rotation, jumping, casting fireball, magic missile and force field. Of course GDL might be configure to recognize many more gestures :-)
  • Graphic done with OpenTK (managed C# wrapper for OpenGL).
  • Basic skeleton animation, mapping of Kinect SDK joints to CG model's joints.
  • Rigid body collisions with Jitter Physics engine.
  • OpenAL sound effects.
  • Beautiful and epic music composed and performed entirely by me :-)
  • Gore death effects ;-) (can be switched off while plying with children).

Screenshots from the game
Exploration of the Arena:
Casting fireball! :-)
Casting force field

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